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Testimonials: Online lessons

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‘I have been participating in 1-2-1 video lessons with Rachel for nearly 6 months now (and 3 years classroom-based overall), and the quality of lessons and attention to detail hasn’t been impacted in the slightest. Rachel has taken considerable time in researching the optimum software (easy, secure and free to download) to maximise the learning experience, and has provided very clear instructions from the very start. She has also adapted the lessons to utilise the technology to work in our favour. It’s likely we’ll remain impacted by the pandemic for some time yet, but I’m not letting it hinder my learning! So, if you’re thinking of starting to learn, or want to pick up where you left off, I’d sincerely recommend Rachel and her online 1-2-1 lessons.’ - adult student

‘Having only had lessons with Rachel for a short time before lockdown, I was still being introduced to many completely new concepts. However, Rachel’s commitment to explaining techniques and ideas in new and innovative ways has kept lessons fun and engaging. As a result I am still progressing in my playing and musical education whilst really enjoying online lessons! The extra time and effort Rachel puts in to ensure that students get the best learning experience possible is very evident, yet unsurprising due to Rachel’s passion for music - thank you Rachel!’- student age 17

‘As somebody who is under lockdown overseas, one of my greatest challenges is finding some sense of routine and normality in this extraordinary situation. My scheduled violin classes (and homework) provide structure, joy, creativity, human interaction and a sense of achievement. Having taken face-to-face classes with Rachel previously, I can confidently say that during our online meetings she manages to convey a personal approach that humanizes the screen-time. She knows how to engage her students despite the lack of face-to-face contact, and while our lessons have a slightly different format now, they are still rewarding. We all know that a lot will be lost in this global pandemic, but I feel it is essential for our mental health to stay creative. My violin lessons give me something to look forward to in these crazy times, and while they are available to me I do not want to lose my hobby.’ - adult student

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