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‘Great. Son found this an inspiration and used it for GCSE piece.’ - parent

Five Stars

‘I've been wanting to learn Cotton-Eyed Joe for years, and haven't been able to find the music for this version. The music for it in this book is great, and I can almost play it well now! I love the other pieces in this book, particularly Canarios and If Only I Had A Brain... I haven't learnt all the pieces yet but the music is clear and accurate. There is even a little guide for what some of the symbols mean, which is really useful. This is an awesome book for the intermediate/advanced(?) violinist.’ - student


‘After using this book for quite a while I can give it the thumbs up. There are a few fabulous tunes in there that I use all the time for students. Cotton-Eyed Joe and One Day Like This. Good arrangements and those tunes alone make this book worth it.’ - teacher

Great book for intermediate advanced students

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Ideal for pupils wanting to add to their musical repertoire.’ - teacher

Great book with lovely music