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‘Rachel is just a fantastic teacher, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank her properly for her patience and understanding on top of her obvious teaching and musical talents. Rachel has an unorthodox teaching style which is easy to pick up, and lessons were an incredible amount of fun.' - adult student

‘I am very pleased with the progress my daughter has made since starting with Rachel. Rachel achieves a great balance between working on technique and securing a solid base of musical knowledge. This approach has been beneficial to my daughter, who has previously struggled with theory. L enjoys her lessons very much because the environment that Rachel creates is friendly and secure. She has become more independent and confident, which is great to see. Rachel works with her on a wide range of repertoire, from classical to more contemporary and folk pieces, which has re-sparkled my daughter’s enthusiasm for violin. Rachel also has high expectations of her students, which I believe is very important in ensuring good outcomes.' - re. student age 10

'My daughter has been having violin lessons for quite some time now, and  has  progressed  really well because of Rachel's wonderful teaching abilities.  Not only does Rachel make the lessons enjoyable, she provides A with so much more than the skill of playing the violin.  What my daughter gets out of it is something that builds her confidence, lifts her mood and provides a calming effect.  Even when she has had a dreadful day at school or is feeling unwell, she comes out of her lesson smiling and uplifted. Rachel has a special kind of magic that is highly recommended.' - re. student age 10

'Gaps in my learning have been addressed and my scope expanded, largely due to Rachel’s ability to cater to the individual. I've been introduced to jazz violin (who knew?), my strength in playing by ear encouraged through weekly exercises, and my overall musical literacy has vastly improved.' - student age 17

‘What do you need when learning to play the most difficult of instruments? A teacher who is patient, meticulous and thorough, but also understanding, fun and relaxed. Rachel balances both of these aspects and delivers quality, structured lessons, suited to your ability.’ - adult student

'D is blossoming with Rachel. She is an active quirky child with a limited attention span, but Rachel is very structured and has firm boundaries which D understands and responds to well. Rachel celebrates D's individuality and varies her approach accordingly. Her teaching methods appear creative and child-centred whilst instilling precise techniques.' - re. student age 7

'I would just like to say thank you for the time and support that you’ve given A.  She has really enjoyed learning the violin with you and we’ve also found you to be lovely on both a professional and personal basis.' - re. student age 11

'I enquired about lessons one year before my retirement and was very encouraged to hear that Rachel teaches many adult learners. I have had lessons for the past year, and have found Rachel to be an excellent teacher with a wealth of musical knowledge. She is also incredibly patient. A completely unexpected side-effect of learning has been a striking and welcome reduction of anxiety and stress.' - adult student

'Thank you very much for the time you have had with R. She is certainly enjoying her lessons and her playing now and has more confidence, which was our main aim. Your enthusiasm for music is rubbing off on her - it is a real shame we did not find you sooner!' - re. student age 16

'Rachel is a very kind and understanding teacher. Since I started with her, I have made lots of progress and I have enjoyed playing new, different pieces. The good thing about Rachel is that she takes you slowly through things. She is a great violin teacher.' - student age 10

‘I can’t thank you enough for our violin classes during this time. They have given me technique, joy, challenge and so much poetry with your beautiful analogies. I will miss them very much.’ - adult student

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